Badger Cull & Marriages Flour

Below is a statement from wholefood wholesaler Suma Wholefoods. Both Essential Wholefoods and Infinity Foods have also released very similar statements.

Suma statement -

We have been made aware of allegations that a subsidiary of Marriage’s have sold peanuts to a third party that may be using them in connection with the badger cull. We passed on our concerns to Marriage’s and received this response.

“Berry Ingredients (a subsidiary of W&H Marriage & Sons Ltd) is a major importer and trader of peanuts, selling them to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK and abroad. It only markets products for the feeding of wild birds, which is clearly stated on labels and packaging.”

We did not feel that this statement provided a sufficient response to the claims being made, and we are working on getting more information and assurances from Marriage’s with regard to this issue. In the meantime we have suspended our purchases from Marriage’s. Our Sales team would be happy to recommend alternative products to customers, and you can also find alternatives in the product listings on our website.

Daily Bread will sell our existing stock (so it is not wasted) until such time that Marriages have provided more information and assurances to the wholefood community.


We have decided in light of the results of a poll and customer comments to stop selling Ecover in the shop and online. This is due to their parent company S C Johnson testing on animals policy.

We will be in the process of replacing Ecover products with alternatives brands such as Bio D and Ecoleaf and other brands over the next few weeks. In many instances alternatives are available already.

See article and result of poll -  Ecover Products

Brexit... yeah we know!...

A note about Brexit Due to the uncertainties around Brexit, we are making plans as best we can. We are working with our suppliers to minimise the impact of a no deal Brexit on our customers. However, in the event that tariffs are applied to goods passing through the EU we will have no alternative but to pass these costs on in price rises immediately. Please note that prices may be subject to change without notice.


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