Latest re Badger Cull & Marriages Flour

Re Marriage’s Flour – Badger Cull
The following is an updated statement from Suma foods regarding this issue. With this information we also have decided not to purchase in Marriages Flour products for sale.

We’re very sorry for the delay in replying to all your comments about Marriages. Sometimes in a co-op it takes time to ensure that everyone has time to input into a decision.

We have now taken the decision to cease trading with Marriages, thanks to new information brought to light here on social media and by our customers. This decision hasn’t been taken lightly, but we’ve always been open and honest, and as a vegetarian company committed to animal welfare, we could not continue to stock Marriages products once made aware of the activities of Marriages and affiliated partners.

Thank you for all your input and information on this issue and for bearing with us whilst we reached this decision.


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