Vegan? Why Vegan?

“So where do you get your protein from?” “Are you malnourished yet?”
“Are you mad?” . “Are you a student?” “Don’t you miss bacon?”


One person changing to a Vegan lifestyle will -

  • Conserve fossil fuel. Conserve water. Use grain efficiently. Conserve top soil. Save rainforests

One person changing to a Vegan lifestyle –

  • Will improve their auto immune function
  • Could avoid certain health conditions such as heart disease and some cancers
  • Will enhance their nutrition from eating a variety of protein sources
  • Will remove food related symptoms from consuming over processed foods
  • Will fall in love with food. Totally.


  • Many Vegans would not have considered being a Vegetarian previously.
  • Many Vegans begin their journey from their concern about additives, processed foods and issues with packaging. Animal cruelty and farming conditions are the “final straw” to their decision.
  • Vegans improve their cooking skills.
  • Many top athletes are Vegans.
  • Adopting a Vegan lifestyle is much easier than you think!

Vegans are emerging bright, healthy, full of life and perfectly normal. They aren’t part of peace protests, tree hugging adventures and unemployment. They are a growing community of people who just so happen to care about the future, animal welfare, sustainability and their health.
Northamptonshire embraces Veganism. It provides fantastic shops stocking great quality plant based produce. There is a wealth of imaginative restaurants, cafes with wonderful Vegan menus, food fayres, food shows and projects all around us, inspiring us.
It’s not about “I can’t eat that”, it’s about “I won’t eat that”, it’s a choice and its certainly food for thought.


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