The Fountain of Life - Part 2 - by Tom Churcher

waterI’m back to promote the importance of good old fashioned water in your diet and how it can transform your life. Modern culture has thrown up all manner of new illnesses and issues. Somewhere down the line we stopped doing things right. We look to so many different places to fix the ailments in our day to day lives. The latest brand of multivitamins, a supplement from an exotic climate no one has heard of, or maybe the doctor has the new pill or painkiller that will fix everything. While these can and do have benefits we seem to miss the options that are right in front of us; promised so much from all the new convenient solutions one would be forgiven nowadays for wondering how people ever survived before! There are constant products popping up claiming to fix problems that we already had the answers to.

Here at Daily Bread - Good, pure whole food is our soul, so we’ve known the benefits of the simple things all along. If you nurture and provide your body with the right nourishment given by nature, then many of the niggling health problems that hold us back would dissolve or resolve themselves. What is the most important thing for human survival and health after air to breathe? Bingo, water is the key component to health in your diet, even before food! It's as clear as, well... 


Did you know when you’re drinking enough water you enjoy the benefits of:.. (wait for it)

Increased energy, vitality, focus, alertness, concentration, reduced fatigue, weight loss, detoxification, better skin, improved digestion, stronger immune system, relief and prevention of headaches, migraines, back pain, joint pain, lubrication of joints and muscles, increased flexibility, decreased mood swings, increased longevity and GOOD MOODS which means more happiness and a longer life! Reads like the back of a super medicine bottle hmm? No its just that clear stuff from the bottle or tap.

'How much do I need to drink to get these benefits?’

Well everyone is different however the average amount of water you should drink a day is 2-3 litres, through your food and drink - so there are plentiful amounts in fruit and veg; anything you need water to cook with will help your intake; the foolproof way to get enough of course, is by simply drinking it on its own. This daily amount varies depending on your health, climate and how active you are. But, in truth most people don’t drink enough and could do with a few more glasses of water a day.


Happy slurping!

 -Yes I know this is not water!


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