The Fountain Of Life - by Tom Churcher



Hi it’s Tom, I’ve recently joined as a member of Daily Bread Co-op and I’ve been looking forward to starting on the blog, so you guys can read more about the business and our philosophy here, as we have always done things a little different to the norm. Today I'm talking about the most abundant thing on Earth... Water. I see water as my fuel - I know its benefits and enjoy its rewards. One of our core ethos' here at DB is 'wholefood' so I want to share my knowledge and passion for the no.1 'whole-drink'. Whether you know it or not, or believe it, or not - Water is the most essential substance for life. It is the regulator of all life on our planet. Dictating the rise and fall of great eras like the dinosaurs and civilisations like the Mayans. From humanity today, way back to the beginning of organisms on Earth, life and water have had an intrinsically linked relationship:


There is not a single organism we know of that hasn’t needed simple, old H2O to survive. Humans could barely go a week without water, not an hour without oxygen, and of course the plants we get oxygen from also needed water to evolve. Over 70% of the world, 60% of your body and 90% of your brain are composed of guess what?

It's fair to say that water is a bringer and a catalyst of life. Given time, the mixture of water and organisms has produced some infinitely beautiful results - all of nature around us, from the mountains and valleys shaped by seas, to plants of all colours and forests of trees, to the rivers and streams, the insects and bees. All of the animals that roam across land and all of the creatures that swim the ocean. Every aspect of life on Gods green Earth has come from the water. We owe ourselves to it - and therefore drinking water is the easiest, most obvious, most natural, feel good tool for everyday health and happiness :) it is life juice straight from the Earth.


Sounds obvious right? But H2O is oh so undervalued in our convenient, super fast, superficial society of quick fix/high sugar snacks and beverages, so much so that the blatant link between water and vitality has become blurred by the mass availability and promotion of these products. Water is viewed as a chore for survival rather than a useful gift for better health. This break in natures lines is especially prevalent with younger people who have grown up with this way of life - all too often a kid or young person will favour a bottle of Coca Cola over a glass of water - "ew no I don't even like the taste of water" - and we wonder why so many people are constantly ill! What we eat and drink has gone from a necessity to little more than a commodity, a profit-driven product geared to satisfy the sugar cravings we got from those products in the first place. Nearly every major brand of soft drink or juice has extra sugar in it. Less than 1% of the Earth's water is readily available for humans to drink, and we waste it on fizzy sugar water, not to mention the other ways humanity squander this precious resource! This method of consumption has had major impacts on our overall health and well-being as a culture - all this when there are such simpler, healthier ways that better sustain you and that body you lug around.

Drinking more glasses of water throughout the day will wake up your body’s natural energy system and clear your mind of distraction so you can live life to the fullest! Flushing out toxins that keep you down, helping more nutrients into the body, lubricating your achy muscles, bones and joints just to begin with. Also having a few glasses first thing when you wake up before eating is amazingly helpful and can have immense health benefits. There’s a practice from Japan known as water therapy whereby simply drinking water in the morning can help and cure a variety of conditions from diarrhoea to cancer. Give a few more glasses per day a go and see yourself come alive.

Surf over to our blog next week for part 2 of my public service announcements on water.


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