Seitan So, what’s the scoop on seitan?

So, what’s the scoop on seitan?

This wonderful vegetarian or vegan “meat” is becoming more and more popular with those choosing plant based diets – but where do you get it and what on earth is it?Seitan

Seitan, (pronounced – SAY-TAN), is already used in Asian cooking as vegetarian mock meat and forms the base of many commercial vegetarian foods, such as Tofurky. It is made from a whole wheat flour base (which can be lovingly prepared by hand, but is extremely labour intensive!) or you can use Vital Wheat Gluten, which is available in many good wholefood shops. This gluten is what is left after the starch has been washed away from the wheat, leaving a high protein powder ready to make in to Seitan.

A bit like Tofu and Tempeh, Seitan won’t win any awards for flavour, but it does a produce a more “meaty” texture than these other alternatives. Stringy, chewy and dense enough to give a good bite, it is certainly gaining a lot of interest.

High in protein but not from a soybean base, this is a great alternative for Vegans and Vegetarians who are avoiding soy. It’s also high in iron and low in fat, so Seitan has many positives.

The best way to get Seitan, is to make it yourself. It’s easy to do and can be cooked in a number of different ways to suit. The only thing you need to do is to pack some flavour in to it! You can buy it already prepared in some shops but it isn’t widely available at the moment. It is known to be prepared with plenty of soy sauce, so beware if you are watching your salt levels. Making your own allows you to control sodium and the other flavours – so grab a bowl and give it a go!

Basic Seitan Recipe

BBQ Dippers

Chinese Seitan with Hoisin

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