Daily Bread Co-operative says ‘GMO OMG!’

GMODaily Bread Co-operative says ‘GMO OMG!’

People all over the UK are spelling out GMO OMG! this autumn to raise awareness of genetic modification in food.

Shops like ours are writing it in their windows, growers can compose it with compost, bakers can say it with flour, anyone anywhere can spell it out with clothing or their own bodies.

John Clarke of Daily Bread Northampton says:

“GM food is being pushed into our food system mainly by big chemical corporations who want to sell more of their product. The growing of GM crops around the world is causing social, environmental and health problems, and we don’t want to support that!” 1

“It was reported in one of our trade magazines that the UK Environment Secretary had backed proposals that could fast-track the growing of GM crops in the UK – but we want food and farming that is designed to be good for people and the environment, not for corporations – we want agroecological farming, not GM” *2


From .16th September to 16th October 2014 we will have the words GMO OMG written in our shop, with more info on flyers for customers to take away.


1. Where GM crops are grown independent farmers have been pushed out or even forcibly removed. The monocultures that are often replacing mixed farming, and the increase in weedkillers used (due to ‘superweeds’ that develop resistance to the chemicals) are damaging biodiversity. People who live near sprayed crops are also experiencing a rise in serious health problems.

2. Agroecological farming is about producing good yields with far lower inputs, being genuinely sustainable and socially beneficial.


To find out more See www.wholefoodaction.org.uk or John Clarke Daily Bread Northampton 01604 621531

Download the GMO OMG poster

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