Bouncers are clubbing together

Another inspiring Co-operative story on how Co-operatives can work in so many different areas.

 In Newcastle, things are changing – bouncers are clubbing together. Watch an inspiring film about a unique new co-op of self-employed bouncers, and find out how YOU could reimagine your work, food or housing…

 Working on the door of a pub or club isn’t easy. Dealing with aggressive confrontation, people fuelled by alcohol. And often, the training and support for door staff is inadequate. But in Newcastle, things are changing. Bouncers are clubbing together by forming a new co-operative. Rob Dixon, Founder-Director of Security Professionals Support Co-operative (SPSC), explains: “Door staff, although it’s 2017, still have a ‘thug’ image, which is totally wrong. They’re there to protect the customers, there to protect staff and there to help the police. The door staff know that, just no one else sees it.”

Rob and his team of experienced door staff all raise concerns about the limited training new door staff are offered before they start working on the doors of busy bars and clubs. Paul Marsden, head doorman and a Director at SPCC, says: “They’re nervous. They’ve done the basic training, but now they’re dealing with the public and confrontation. When it’s real, it’s not nice for people. You can’t just say “right, there’s a few days training, now go out and do it”. It’s got to be bigger than that.” Door staff are self-employed and this brings its own issues for door staff, as Stacey Dixon, SPSC Director, explains: "Nobody wants to insure door staff, because obviously it's a risky job. If they've got no insurance and they're bottled, it's not worth the pay." This means that if door staff are injured or unable to work due to an incident, they will not get paid, potentially missing out on days, weeks or even months worth of pay. "We provide security for security" SPSC is looking to change all of this. To provide "security for security".

They applied to The Hive to set up as a new co-op. Rob Dixon: “Until The Hive got involved, I really didn’t know what a co-op [was], but I think a co-op was definitely the way to go.” Having recently set up, SPSC will soon be offering door staff who join as a member enhanced training, legal support, health insurance as well as other benefits. This is a really unique and exciting co-op and we can’t wait to see what happens. Watch this space! Find out how

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