Another Vegan Month To Celebrate

Seeded Breakfas tBreadVegan Month is here again and time to take stock…of all the animal free products and news we’ve been enjoying since the last time it was here! What a great feeling to know we are busy enjoying life, the food, products and everyday items around us, comforted by the fact no animal has had to suffer for us to live. It should make you smile and feel at peace.

Each day many more of us are joining this way of living and reassuringly, the ones that aren’t joining in yet, are becoming more aware and mindful over it. Changes recently look at some of the big brand, designer labels producing vegan products, such as wallets, handbags and belts. No longer bragging about the quality of leather but boasting about the great style and lifestyle belonging to this life choice.

How about another change? The Great British Bake Off? They have embraced “Vegan Week” this season and how refreshing to see the Baker Boy himself, Paul Hollywood reluctantly trying these inventive, flavoursome bakes. Nutritional yeast made its debut with its cheesy flavour and pastry made with coconut oil was given the Pru Leith’s seal of approval. Satisfying.

Vegan athletes have been headlining, proving how vegan life is full of health and vitality. Vegan A-list superstars have been shouting about animal welfare and quashing any awful old-fashioned stereotype images of vegans as being all dreadlocks and job free! They can be glamorous, beautiful or just plain normal, proving just how diverse and widespread vegans are.

This last year really has been a big one for vegans and this November maybe we should be celebrating. Data shows a big increase in UK Vegans and this really is down to the continuing statistics, reports, documents, news and influential information that we are open to, that allows us to think. The rise in great quality vegan food and products is drawing more of us in to be mindful of our choices and making us take positive action against the results of animal products.

So, thank you Vegan Month…we take stock and love the choices we make, it really is a piece of dairy free cake.  

Try these recipes below.

Vegan and Gluten Free Breakfast Bread

Fennel and Chickpea stir up

Fennel and Cauliflower Soup



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