A Story of Two Slices

sandwichWith British Sandwich Week looming (from 14-20th May), it’s time to take a moment to think about how this humble food item began and how it has become such an important part of our fast food lives. It’s quite probable that everyone of us has eaten a sandwich of some form in their time; whether it was a brown sugar sandwich as a child, a bedtime “toastie” of some kind or a regular cheese affair for lunch; and so many times, it has been the answer to that familiar question “What can I make to eat - fast?”.

It is believed that the sandwich began life in the 1700’s when the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montague requested for some slices of beef to be served to him between two slices of toast, so he could carry on playing a 24 hour card game! Not wanting to stop play, he thought this quickly prepared and easy to eat snack would see him through the game. And so, the sandwich was born.

The sandwich can come in many different forms using different breaded items: sliced breads, two halves of baguettes, pitta pockets, toasted ones, “open” ones, wraps and even steamed bread buns that are pulled apart. Whichever breaded item, it’s used to encase a number of different fillings, both hot and cold and usually eaten with the hands.

So, you are probably fully aware of the all the different options with sandwich choices, but how about looking at the some of the up the coming sandwich stars that are being showcased around the world and being seen more and more in the UK? These can be quite inspiring, imaginative and are guaranteed to make your mouth water!

1) The Bánh Mì. This delicious Vietnamese single serving baguette, is airier and has a much thinner crust than the bread we use in the UK. Traditionally split and filled with spiced pork meats, vegetables and pickles, it is usually eaten at breakfast or for a snack.
2) The Gua Bao. A flat steamed bun from Taiwan, that is folded over a number of fillings, shredded pork, egg, pickles, crunchy vegetables, coriander and peanuts.
3) The Muffuletta. A large, flattened loaf around 25cm across. This is a Sicilian creation growing in popularity and consist of a light bread that is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with sesame seeds on top. A traditional muffeletta is filled with a number of delicious ingredients, both meat and vegetarian: olives, celery, cauliflower, carrot, Swiss cheese, provolone and other Italian cheeses and deli items.
4) The Sabich. A traditional Jewish sandwich popular in Israel and becoming more known in the UK. Usually containing aubergine, hard boiled eggs, a tahini sauce, mango pickle and parsley, it is a great vegetarian and vegan dish with some wonderful flavour.

Whatever diet you follow, whatever you like or dislike, there is always a sandwich for everyone so there’s no surprise this great dish has become so popular. Here at the Daily Bread, we celebrate all the fantastic grain choices to create your own bread with, to make your perfect sandwich, whether you follow a gluten-free diet or just want to try something a little different.

So, get kneading, chopping and spreading and take a moment to enjoy the delights the modern sandwich can bring us during Sandwich Week.

*We will be adding some of these on-trend sandwiches to our recipe collection and making the traditional meat ones into great vegetarian options, so keep checking in and subscribe to the newsletter.

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